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Enhance food safety by reducing the risk and adhering to Codex HACCP Principles. Utilize ISO 22000 as the ISO 22000 framework to keep food safe from the producer to the consumer.

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ISO 22000 is an internationally acknowledged standard that integrates an ISO9001 strategy for food safety management with HACCP to guarantee food safety at every level. The standard outlines how an organization can show its capability to manage the risk of food safety to ensure food products are safe.

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WHAT IS ISO 22001?

ISO 22000 is a set of guidelines for businesses to establish and maintain the implementation of a Food Safety Management System (FSMS). The procedures and processes businesses implement through ISO 22000 will help them to detect the sources of food safety hazards, track them, and reduce or eliminate food safety risks at any point in the chain of food.

In assisting you in improving communication throughout the food supply chain, ISO 22000 will help you improve communication throughout your food supply chain. ISO 22000 framework will help you provide safe and healthy food products to your customers. This internationally recognized standard is compliant to the Codex HACCP Principles and has been approved by the FDA.

The use of an Food Safety Management System will aid in ensuring the food you serve is of the highest quality and free of contamination.


When you become ISO 22000 certified, you can demonstrate your dedication towards food safety for customers as well as other parties. Additionally, you will implement internationally recognized Food Safety Management processes into your company, which will enhance your risk management processes, as well as increase accountability and transparency. This will improve the reputation of your brand and, in turn, provide you with an advantage and assist you in gaining new business.

Here are the top benefits of using the ISO 22001 framework:

  • Incorporate internationally recognized Food Safety Management processes in your company
  • Improve risk management controls throughout the food supply chain
  • Enhance the trust of your suppliers, customers and other parties involved in the security of your food products and your ability to minimize the health risks
  • Enhance transparency and accountability in your organization by defining the roles of your organisation
  • Aid you in enhancing and updating your systems with a process of constant improvement, ensuring they are always effective
  • Make sure that your management team is aware that the company is able to implement robust and efficient food safety protocols throughout the supply chain
  • Make sure that your entire food supply chain is backed by strong control mechanisms to prevent the introduction of dangerous substances and contamination


ISO 22000 standard ISO 22000 standard uses a structure consisting of 10 clauses, referred to as Annex SL which, combined to cover four major areas:

  1. Food security: The processes and guidelines your business has to adhere to throughout the supply chain in order to ensure that food is safe to be consumed

  2. Management Responsibilities: These are the areas in which your management team needs to be focused on, get responsible and involved.

  3. Resources Management: How resources like people, infrastructure, and facilities should be allocated to ensure the highest performance.

  4. Measurement, Analyzing and Improvement: The final two clauses provide a way to evaluate whether the Management System is operating as it should as well as facilitating continuous improvement of your Management System.


Frequent Questions


What is ISO 22000:2018?

ISO 22000:2018 is the most up-to-date version of the standard for implementing a food safety management system.

It is a set of guidelines aimed at helping businesses to identify, monitor, control and prevent hazards in their food production processes, ensuring that the items they produce are safe for consumption.


What is ISO 22000:2015?

ISO 22000:2015 was the first instalment of the international standard for food safety management. It was a set of guidlines allowing businesses to implement a food safety management system that would help them control hazards within their supply chain, producing food products that are safe for consumption.
It is superseded by ISO 22000:2018.


What is the difference between HACCP and ISO 22000?

Both ISO 22000 and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) systems are similar in a variety of ways in that they are both focused on make food safe to consume. The differences lie in how they go about this.

HACCP is focused on the control of hazards at specific points in food production. By removing hazards you are improving the safety of the food products that you produce.

ISO 22000 is more generalised than HACCP, looking at food safety across the supply chain rather than at identified critical points. ISO 22000 does use HACCP principles in its guidelines but it expands upon them. ISO 22000 also covers areas not specifically mentioned by HACCP such as guidance on dealing with allergens.


Is certification required with ISO 22000?

It is not necessary to become certified to ISO 22000. However, if you do chose to seek it out, certification provides proof to the businesses you work with and your customers that you have a stringent and reliable set of processes in place that help you to ensure the safety of your food products.

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